Young Generation | YG

2017 Season

Young Generation was founded in November 2016 by Naul, BigKoro, Palette, Venus, NhocTy – players from Saigon Jokers and 269 Gaming after two teams were disbanded. Young Generation had qualified for 2017 VCSA Spring Promotion and finished at 2nd place in 2017 VCSA Spring. After Gigabyte Marines had finished at 2017 MSI Group Stage and got additional spot in World Championship Play-in Stage for Southeast Asia, Vietnam was rewarded two spots for 2017 GPL Summer. Young Generation had won ROG Friends in 2017 VCSA Summer Playoffs round 2 and was defeated by Gigabyte Marines in final, finished at 2nd place and qualified for 2017 GPL Summer Group Stage.

At GPL, Young Generation scored 7-1 in Group Stage and finished at 1st place. They had faced Ascension Gaming from Thailand at Semifinal and lost 2-3. They had won Team Manila Eagles from Philippines 3-0 at Losers’ Bracket round 1 and faced Ascension Gaming again at round 2. Although Ascension Gaming had won the first 2 games, Young Generation won 3 games later and qualified for 2017 World Championship Play-in Stage.


  • April 1, Ren retires.
  • April 2, Venus and yT leave.
  • May 18, team rebrands to Phong Vũ Buffalo.

Tournament Results

2018-03-304₫125,000,000VCS 2018 Spring PlayoffsRen, yT, Venus, Naul, BigKoro, Palette, H.Phong
2018-03-184 VCS 2018 SpringRen, yT, Venus, Naul, BigKoro, Palette, H.Phong
2017-11-0417 – 20$37,102Worlds 2017Ren, NhocTy, Venus, Naul, BigKoro, Palette, Koo
2017-08-272GPL 2017 SummerRen, NhocTy, Venus, Naul, BigKoro, Palette
2017-08-132₫160,000,000VCS A 2017 Summer PlayoffsRen, NhocTy, Venus, Naul, BigKoro, Palette
2017-08-062 VCS A 2017 SummerRen, NhocTy, Venus, Naul, BigKoro, Palette
2017-04-022₫160,000,000VCS A 2017 Spring PlayoffsNevan, Venus, Naul, BigKoro, Trung
2017-03-192 VCS A 2017 SpringNhoc Ty, Venus, Naul, BigKoro, Trung
2016-12-18Q VCS A 2017 Spring Promotion

Phong Vũ Buffalo | PVB

2016 Season

In November 2016, Saigon Jokers disbanded, Nevan, yT, Venus, Hafa (Naul), AD (BigKoro), and Suicunee(Palette) who were Saigon Jokers trainees decided to form Young Generation and start all over again from VCS A 2017 Spring Promotion

2017 Season

The team ended the VCS A Spring Promotion group stage at 1st place, with a 5-1 record. Advancing to 2nd and 3rd round, Young Generation swept Hue Audora and Cherry Esports with the 2-0 record, officially qualified for VCS A 2017 Spring. In the team early days, they didn’t have any sponsor, gaming house or even fan, the players had to use their own money to maintain the team; however, none of them came from a well-to-do family. Luckily, QTV who was Friends Forever Gaming owner helped the team with training facilities and allowed them to sleep over at his PC Bang.

In their first split playing professionally, Young Generation played extremely well and finished 2nd place in VCS A 2017 Spring, the only team that they could not defeated is Marines Esports, YG was swept 0-3 in the Final. After NIXWATER and Nevan left, Ren joined and became the team leader. Thanks to Marines Esportsmiracle run at 2017 Mid-Season Invitational, GPL got the second slot at Worlds and Vietnam got 2 slots at GPL 2017 Summer as well. They finished 2nd in VCS A 2017 Summer and was only lost to Marines Esports again.

YG ended GPL 2017 Summer group stage with a 7-1 record, advancing to 2nd round facing Ascension Gaming as they lost 2-3 and fell to loser bracket. The teams met again at the loser bracket final in order to gain their slot for Worlds 2017, losing the first 2 games of the series but they made a reverse swept, ending the match at 3-2.

Finished Worlds 2017 Play-In group stage with a 2-2 record, placed 2nd. Losing to the 2nd round to Team WE (0-3), YG came back to Vietnam with cheer while GAM was blamed for their disappointed performance. Thanks to this record, Young Generation won at WeChoice Award with 53297 votes.

2018 Season

Without changing anything, YG came up short at VCS 2018 Spring with the 4th place.

Coming to summer, YG decided to release yT and Venus and Ren moved to head coach, Zeros, Meliodas and Xuhao joined. The team rebranded to Phong Vũ Buffalo after they received a huge sponsorship from Phong Vũ Computer. They then won VCS 2018 Summer with ease and represented Vietnam as an independent region at Worlds 2018 Main Event. Although the team failed to make it out of group, they still managed to bring Flash Wolves home with them, ‘Thank Mr Buffalo’.

  • May 18, Young Generation rebrands to Phong Vũ BuffaloNaulBigKoro, and Palette join.
  • May 21, ZerosMeliodas, and XuHao join. Ren joins as head coach.
  • October (approx.), Pun and Raizo join as trainees.

2019 Season

Phong Vũ Buffalo retained their roster from the previous season. They proved their strength by winning VCS 2019 Spring, thereby representing Vietnam coming to 2019 Mid-Season Invitational.

The Buffalo started the group stage with three wins before Bombers and 1907 Fenerbahçe took games off of them in the second round of the round robin. Fenerbahçe also finished 4-2 to force a tiebreaker game, which Phong Vũ won to advance to the knockout stage.

Team Liquid swept Phong Vũ to send the Buffalo to face off against Vega Squadron for the final MSI Main Stage spot. The Buffalo jumped out to a 2-0 series lead before Vega took games three and four to tie the series. The fifth game was a back and forth affair before Phong Vũ aced Vega with the help of a triple kill by Naul to give the team the lead it needed to get the ball rolling and win the game.

Phong Vũ was unsuccessful in the main stage of MSI until it faced G2 on day three where the Vietnamese squad won its first game of the round robin. Phong Vũ won again versus G2 on day five, but could pick up no other wins and left the tournament after a sixth place finish in the group stage.

Before the summer split, Phong Vũ renamed to Dashing Buffalo to match their new sponsor.

  • May 29, Raizo is added to the GCD. Zeros leaves.
  • May 31, team renames to Dashing Buffalo.

Tournament Results

2019-05-146$50,000MSI 2019 Main EventZeros,  XuHao,  Meliodas, Naul,  BigKoro, Palette, Ren
2019-05-07Q MSI 2019 Play-InZeros,  XuHao,  Meliodas, Naul,  BigKoro, Palette, Ren
2019-04-131₫400,000,000VCS 2019 Spring PlayoffsZeros,  XuHao,  Meliodas, Naul,  BigKoro, Palette, Ren
2019-03-241 VCS 2019 SpringZeros,  XuHao,  Meliodas, Naul,  BigKoro, Palette, Ren
2018-10-1513 – 16$80,625Worlds 2018 Main EventZeros,  XuHao,  Meliodas, Naul,  BigKoro, Palette, Ren
2018-09-221₫400,000,000VCS 2018 Summer PlayoffsZeros,  XuHao,  Meliodas, Naul,  BigKoro, Palette, Ren
2018-08-19 VCS 2018 SummerZeros,  XuHao,  Meliodas, Naul,  BigKoro, Palette, Ren

Source: GamePedia